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How Europe Treats Depression and Anxiety

Mental health is a topic some people find difficult to openly discuss and many people do not seek treatment for mental illness do to the stigma associated with it.

While the stigma associated with mental illness is still an issue in getting people to get the help they need, in todays society it is only a minor issue and far from the only issue. There are much bigger roadblocks that need to be removed to get people the help they need.

What are the other issues?

Waiting…waiting and in some countries even more waiting. With any physical illness it is important to keep it from getting worse by treating it as quickly as possible. It is the same with mental illness, you need to diagnose the problem and implement a treatment regimen as quickly as possible. With many people who suffer from a mental illness, they have probably already been living with it for months if not years which can make treating the illness more difficult, time consuming and expensive to overcome. The worst cases of untreated mental illness can often lead to suicide.

I could continue writing about this and may do so in the future since it is a topic that interests me but I believe in giving applause to those who deserve it and those are the people at CIVIO and the European Data Journalism Network who put in many hours of research that you can find by visiting the link below.

From the wonderful information at CIVIO you can see that many countries in the EU have a lot of work to do in my opinion so that people can get the psychological help they need even if it has to be done on a community by community basis similar to what was done in Trieste with the open-door system.

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