How Europe Treats Depression and Anxiety

Mental health is a topic some people find difficult to openly discuss and many people do not seek treatment for mental illness do to the stigma associated with it. While the stigma associated with…


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Cancel the Debates

No More Narcissist Virus Slinging

Kamala Harris should not debate Mike Pence tomorrow night. The Democratic nominee for Vice-President of the United States should not be in a room with someone who has had contact with so many people who are now testing positive for COVID19 — even if that someone is the current vice president.

The Trump administration has made its position clear — not one member of that plague-ridden group supports wearing masks to contain the spread of the pandemic. And that is why they are now a plague-ridden group.

The disgusting reality is that the Trump-offspring all pranced into the debate with Joe Biden (where masks were required) and then proceeded to take off their masks once they were seated. They were then asked to put their masks back on by a member of the staff of the Cleveland Clinic and did not respond. Every one of them had been in contact with Trump or Hope Hicks, so they had all been exposed to the virus — and yet they sat there, smug and maskless, potentially spreading the virus to all around them.

When Trump went for his joyride out of Walter Reed Hospital, he forced the secret service members riding in the car with him to be exposed to the virus in a hermetically sealed environment.

I will admit that my hatred for Trump was a preexisting condition. I have a visceral disdain for narcissists and nazis — little piles of ego-filled hateful blabbering. But the pandemic has taken their bs to a civilization-ending level of idiocy and it must stop.

Masks are necessary. Not wearing a mask is not a show of strength, it is a telltale sign of narcissism, stupidity, and entitlement. Encouraging disdain for protective measures like masks and plexiglass barriers will lead to more superspreader events, more infections, and more deaths.

This is not a debate. The science is clear. There should be no more debates in person.

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