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Depression and romanticizing Suicide.

Romanticizing Death

The issues I have with content such as this and other writings on suicide is that they tend to romanticize the act. Those that took their lives are somewhat portrayed as heroes. They have every reason and are justified to do so. It, not a bad thing to write about that. But what about the effect that these stories have on those that are suicidal? What of those that are struggling with depression? What effect will such stories have on them? Won’t they feel justified that taking their lives too will transform their current low points into highest highs?

Emotions are never discussed

That aside one thing that I noticed about being raised in a Kenyan home is that emotions were never discussed. If you felt low and depressed you’ll keep it to yourself till you are “okay”. And this is the case in most homes. And most times people ignore emotional health, or let alone we never know how to handle these issues. I’m not here to tell you how to handle those issues. I’m not a shrink and I have no clue either how to. But one thing I know for sure after encountering my lowest low in life is that our emotional health matters a lot.
They are as important as our physical health. How many times have you heard that emotional wounds are the hardest to heal? Yet how many times have people told you to
“Ooh you’ve been heartbroken, Aaah just shake it off you’ll be fine” and why don’t they say the same thing when you’ve had a broken leg, or had a deep cut?

Don’t ignore anything.

Maybe you just lost your job, maybe you just lost someone you love, the loneliness is killing you or maybe your self-esteem just hit its lowest point and you just can’t handle the depression anymore. Maybe your heights are even greater than these. Just don’t ignore anything.

I’m cracked

I know we are Africans and it’s said blacks don’t crack. We are not talking about girls and clichés about aging. But, blacks don’t crack emotionally, they just don’t go to therapy. But I’m cracked. (ignorance)Yet I have no idea if the hospital that I have been going to since I was a kid has a psychological wing.(money) I hear that therapy sessions cost a ton lot of money. Yet, is that covered by my government-issued medical cover? (society)I don’t know if people will call me crazy when they hear I started seeing a therapist. (religion)My mom will say “ Why are you going to the hospital? Just pray over it and go to church. You’ll be fine”

And when I finally go to therapy, I really hope that, that armchair will be as good, and the therapist will be as hot and the sessions will be as awesome as they are in the movies.

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