5 Reasons to Trust Tax Lawyers for Company Law

A certified public accountant’s importance to the running of a business cannot be overstated.A CPA can help you with fundamental tax issues and provide sound business advice. A lawyer is a must-have…


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Johari Window

For the completion of this exercise, I rushed my sister who was just watching tv to fill out the for me, it took some convincing but she ended up doing it.

In Region 1, We talked and she ended up putting — Kind, Curious, Mature, honest, funny and brave.

For Region 2, Which she completed without my input. She said I was Naive, that I often let people take advantage of my good will.

In Region 3, -Something I know about myself that others don’t. I wrote indecisive. I wrote it because multiple times I had ideas and projects I abandoned because I was was unsure and found some excuse not too.

Finally, In region 4- Things Unknown to others. I wrote about my recurring self doubt. I also included my nerdy hobbies none my friends know about.

This quick exercise me to really check myself and it also allowed my sister and I to connect for the first time in a while.

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