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There are varieties of green and purple cauliflower. Popular species such as green, orange, purple and white cauliflower.

Green cauliflower

Green cauliflower is called broccoflower because it’s crossed between broccoli and cauliflower. The cauliflower plant gives a nut taste.

Orange cauliflower

This cauliflower flower is hybridized variety. Orange pigment because of beta-carotene vitamin A. Brassica oleracea is referred to as ‘cheddar cauliflower’.

This cauliflower plant is dark purple with bluish-green. When compared to white cauliflower it has a mild taste with a tender head.

This species has a pure white head with green leaves. The edible part of the plants is called curd. Leaves are large round shapes.

Sun-loving, cool season crop to grow in spring and fall in India- September to December. Keep the pot in full sun and keep the soil a little moist but not wet during the whole germination phase.

Make sure that the plants are 5–6 inches apart if planted in the ground they need to be spaced 12–16 inches apart.

To plant the seedlings, make a 3–5 inches deep hole in the soil mix and gently place the root ball into the hole. Cover the bottom part with the soil mix and firm it down to provide some support.

Make sure that all plants receive proper sunlight to that remove leaves which are in the way or are blocking other plants

For constant growth always keep the soil moist but not wet, never allow the soil to dry out completely. Important to prevent the drying of soil in the periods when the seedling is maturing at the time of head formation.

Require about 50–60 days of constantly cool weather to manure properly. 6–26-degree Celsius temperature range is ideal for cauliflower plantation.

Though they require cool weather and also requires a fair amount of full sun during the day. Choose a spot in the garden that receives full sun

To get healthy plants remove the bottom leaves from the plant to develop a healthy top structure.

When the head or flower of brassica oleracea becomes 2–3 inches in diameter cover it with the inner leaves by breaking or placing them over the head.

Pests that damage the leaves are flea beetles the larva of cabbage butterflies and moths that love to feed on the plant. Check the plants for any visible signs and use neem oil+ soap sprays/chilly and garlic sprays to avoid pests.

Eating brassica oleracea helps to aid weight loss.

Help to prevent stomach disorders.

Fight respiratory problems.

Improve the overall health of the cardiovascular system.

“Get into the green scene”

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