How To Make Crispy Cheese Biscuits

What biscuit do you like the best? A classic digestive, or maybe a Cornish wafer? Whatever you prefer, you’ll adore these crispy cheese biscuits from Yumtastic. Let’s go!


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The Tech Stack Workaround

You’ve heard about how Facebook’s ad platform is changing.

As you learnt in my last story, you’re going to be limited to tracking eight conversion events and you’re worried.

Or, at least you should be… even if you don’t run ads right now!


If you have to set up tracking for each piece of tech you use, you’re going to eat into those eight conversion events pretty quickly. And that means you won’t have the data you need to make solid decisions.

Let me give you an example…

We’ll assume you’re running a webinar that you want people to sign up for.

Your ad sends them to a landing page on your web domain, which is fine. But when a prospect wants to sign up, you send them to a third-party form platform, like JotForm.

That’s another conversion event you need to track.

Or what if you’re looking to sign prospects up for strategy calls? Again, they’ll land on your landing page, which is registered to your domain, initially. But you might send them to Calendly to book a time slot.


Another conversion event.

Now, you can see how easily your tech stack can eat into the limited number of events Facebook gives to you.

But here’s the good news…

There is a workaround.

Using embedding, you can incorporate your entire tech stack into your domain.

For example, we’ll say my domain is

When a prospect clicks to book a slot with me, my site sends them to<whatever>.

That’s not what we want.

Instead, we want them to get sent to a link that looks something like this:

In other words, they land on a subdomain that’s still getting tracked as part of my main domain. And I embed Calendly into that subdomain so I can keep tracking it without using a conversion event.

I know that sounds really technical.

But it’s actually simpler than you think. You just need to be aware that these are the types of changes you need to make to maximise Facebook tracking in 2021.

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