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Opera Sneaker Collective

The Opera Sneaker Collective is committed to pursuing and mastering the highest forms of communication using our natural human faculties, in addition to the bleeding edge of Web3 technology. We hold art as the highest form of human communication. Communication is the social formation that bonds all great communities.

The word “communicate” mimics the word “community”. Community shares 7 of the 11 letters of ‘communicate’. In retrospect, a community is only as elevated as its highest level of communication.

Opera Sneaker Collective is more than just another NFT (nonfungible token) art community birth during the global pandemic. Opera Sneaker is a grassroots collective inspired by the art of higher communication. OS borrows its artist spirit from the spiritual and historical origins of the djembe drum of West Africa.

Pictured above is Mor Thiam playing the djembe. Mor Thiam is the father of Senegalese Grammy award winner and entrepreneur Akon. Mor Thiam taught drumming in the ’70s in East St. Louis, IL.

Sneaker of the Opera

Opera Sneaker artist collective is home to the Opera Sneaker Art Fund and NFT Art Agency. Opera Sneaker’s core mission is to empower individuals and organizations in the Arts and Humanities with Web3 digital asset grants and resources.

#63A4P is a 2021 global NFT project featuring 63 artists for Palestinian medical aid.
“Coure with Her Palestinian Shield’’ by Tagan Horton. Coure appeared as a part of the Black August Collection. Tagan is a founding member of Opera Sneaker Collective. She is one of the woman artists on #63A4P.

OS is all about building hyper-intelligent communities. Special thanks to the amazing human beings who contributed to creating the unique artistic energy and spirit of Opera Sneaker. A lot has taken place in our lives in the last 24 months. Friends can make the most amazing things happen. Special thanks and VIP Opera Sneaker love to our Atlanta squad Rahmeek, Charissa, and Sandeep for their unwavering love and support.

The Djembe has been played by West Africans for generations forming an integral part of ritualistic life in Mali, Guinea, Senegal, and other neighboring West African countries. The Djembe belongs to the membranophone class of instruments in the percussion family.

Muhammad (Rumi) Hameed is an Opera Sneaker staff writer, Web3 researcher, and founding member of Opera Sneaker & Dakar Gallery.


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