Depression and romanticizing Suicide.

I read Fatmata Conteh’s ‘ letter to my sisters. Her main character N’damba was trying to justify her reasons for taking her own life. I enjoyed the story. I was almost convinced that taking one’s own…


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Two windows are your eyes
framed by dark feathers
a sweet breeze luring me
to the sea beyond
fiery blue marble
before the storm
midnight ink now

Oh! they open wide at the
touch of my fingertips
Let me take a look, a leap
Let the waters break
and wash all sound away

Oh! that sudden, utter
stillness after the crash
Let me take a breath, a dive
Let the waves digest
time until it dissolves

It is surprisingly warm
entering you, and
there you are: exposed
floating, eyes closed

Who forgot you here
did you get lost?
Hush! they can’t see you
Let me breathe you
so you don’t drown
in yourself, when

another storm’s calling us
from beyond the sea
framed by dark feathers
are your eyes, two windows

but I won’t let go:
May I have
this dance, m’dear?

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