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More Proactive SIMs

AT&T inspired me to explore a little more.

After my encounter with proactive SMS from an AT&T SIM, I decided to start checking other SIMs as well. I know nearly all SIMs support proactive features, but I am interested to see just how many SIMs actually use them. So I have set up my test bench to test the SIMs I have.

In this first round, I am limiting my testing to SIMs from the big “tier-1” operators, SIMs that are use by large numbers of people. Here is what I have on-hand:

All of these SIMs were issued between 2014 and 2019.

The test bench is the same as in the first article, repeated here for convenience:

The purpose of the procedure is to monitor the communication between the SIM and the phone to see what proactive features the SIM is using. To get the SIM to be active, we will use the Lab Kit to mimic the SIM’s home network. Here are the steps:

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